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Our all-you-need seasonings promote healthy family dinners, and were inspired by Holly’s busy lifestyle and 5-generation recipes.


Holly's 5-Generation Family Photo: So lucky, but smiles appear to have been discouraged! (Yup, that's Holly in her Great-Gram's arms.)

5 Generation Photo

Holly’s 5-Generation Family Photo: So lucky, but smiles appear to have been discouraged! (Yup, that’s Holly in her Great-Gram’s arms.)

Spitfire Gourmet blends founder Holly George’s family history and passion for healthy gourmet cooking with her husband’s love of the land, hunting, fishing and gardening.

A 30-year marketing consultant and stay-at-home mom to her 4 kids, Holly dropped everything in 2009 and laser-focused on healing her then 11-year-old son, Tommy.

After 2 years of cycling through missed sports and friend dates, misdiagnoses and specialists, Tommy finally had an answer: chronic lyme disease. The diagnosis marked the beginning of Holly and her family’s 2-year battle through naturopaths, lyme specialists, underground cures, and of course… the healthiest cooking ever.

This heightened mission for healthy cooking caused Holly to embrace her husband’s love for wild game hunting and fishing more than ever. She drew on her 5-generations of experience and rummaged through beloved recipe boxes to perfect everything from from her father-in-law’s Venison Stifado Greek Stew to her Great Gram’s Pheasant in Sherry Cream. Uncovering secrets and perfecting methods, she grew to love sipping her wine and cooking for hours.

As the “go-to” for the healthiest best dinners and entertaining, friends would ask for recipes. “Ummm… I’ll have to figure out the measurements and get back to you,” she’d reply. Holly realized that she had a wealth of knowledge and shortcuts to share, so in 2019 she started Spitfire Gourmet.

Spitfire Gourmet consists of Holly’s 5-generation recipes made easily with her three pre-mixed seasoning packets, each with whole spices and ingredients to support a variety of healthy dishes from one-dish dinners to soups, salads, pastas and sides.

Holly’s recipes are color-coded with her seasoning packs, making cooking hassle-free and easy. Plus her seasonings are free from MSG and most GMO’s and allergens, with eco-friendly packaging.

Now everyone can throw away the learning curve and cook the best cuts of meat, wild game and whole foods like the pros.

Holly George, Founder and Original Spitfire Gourmet

I absolutely love the feeling I get from feeding my family and friends healthy whole foods. I “gourmet cheat” by cooking with my packs almost every night, and always love hearing “WOW this is reeeally good!”

“I’m cooking some of your recipes this week for family. Balsamic Glazed Salmon is SO GOOD! I can’t wait for them to try it.” 
~ Christine F., Orlando, FL   

“Love this stuff!!! I feel truly like a gourmet cook, and I now know exactly what to do with all the awesome venison, birds and salmon in our freezer.”
~ Lori P., Eau Claire, WI

“My growing teenage boys love the recipes, and my triathalon-crazy husband does too. That’s a tough crowd to please. Thanks, Holly!”
~ Janet B., Annville, PA

“Pour my Pinot, tear open a packet, and add it to my own organic ingredients? I’m lovin’ it!”
~ Meghan O., Houston, TX

“I did NOT COOK my husband’s venison and bear. But I do now!!!”
~ Kaitlyn F., San Diego, CA

“I’ve been a gourmet cook for years. I made your Boozy Bouillon cheese sauce with roasted pheasant and spiral zucchini. The sauce was perfect – didn’t need a thing. As much as I love to ‘put my signature on dishes’ there really was nothing I needed to add to make it better! 
~ Christina L., Hershey, PA

“I can’t believe this is venison. It’s amazing!”
~ Kip H., Omaha, NE

Holly George, Founder and Original Spitfire Gourmet

Shout-out to Holly’s pups for all the healthy upland game birds that land on her table!

Cook tender juicy sustainable meats & veggies for family dinner. Mix with oil & vinegar to marinate meat, and drizzle some on veggies, pasta, rice & salads. Or dump a pack in our easy gourmet recipes.

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Non GMO, No-MSG and free from most allergens


On a mission to help families eat better. Cook easy gourmet dinners with tender juicy flavorful big meat dishes of beef, big game (like steak, venison, bear and elk), birds (like pheasant, wild turkey, duck and chicken) and wild caught fish (like salmon, tuna and trout)… all with healthy vegetables, sides or easy one-dish dinners.