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Cook easy fantastic big game, upland bird, waterfowl & fish.

Spitfire Gourmet was born out of Holly George’s 5-generation history and love for healthy fantastic cooking and a mission for turning her husband’s latest season, rescued road kill or “cooler full of birds” into the tenderest, most flavorful dinners. 

Spitfire Gourmet consists of Holly’s 5-generation recipes made easily with her No-MSG seasonings, each with whole spices and ingredients to support a variety of healthy game dishes from one-dish dinners to soups, salads, pastas and sides.

Throw away the fear and learning curve, and cook the tenderest and most flavorful healthy meats, wild game & fish like the pros!

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1/2 packet makes a family recipe = 4 servings


On a mission to help families eat better. Cook easy gourmet dinners with tender juicy flavorful big meat dishes of beef, big game (like steak, venison, bear and elk), birds (like pheasant, wild turkey, duck and chicken) and wild caught fish (like salmon, tuna and trout)… all with healthy vegetables, sides or easy one-dish dinners.