Pear Blueberry Salad Recipe

Pear Blueberry Salad Recipe

Awesome Toss Wilted Spinach Blueberry Bleu Salad with Balsamic Pear Glaze 


(Prep & cook time: 20 mins. Serves 6-8 for dinner, 10-12 as a side dish)

Your local fresh shopping list is bolded:

♦ Cut 6 strips of Bacon into bite-sized pieces and cook in sauce pan for 2-3 minutes. Drain all but about 1 T. of the fat, and add chopped Scallions (white and green parts) and 1/2 cup Pecan Halves to the pan. Saute 2-3 mins more. ♦ Mix in the Awesome Toss packet, 2 T. EVOO & 1/4 cup Good Balsamic Vinegar, and heat for a minute more. Gourmet Tip: It’s worth the trip to a gourmet store for good Balsamic Vinegar. It will thicken and sweeten with heat, turning to a nice caramelized consistency. Be sure to stir it while cooking, so it doesn’t get too thick and gooey. ♦ Remove from heat and toss warm dressing in a large salad bowl with 32 oz. Spinach, 2 peeled & thin-sliced 
Bartlett Pears, 6 oz. (1 cup) Blueberries & 4 oz. Blue Cheese crumbles.

WINE: Syrah (red) or Sauvignon Blanc (white).

♦ Make it a Meal: Add Chicken & serve with an awesome crusty Bread.

Spinach Blueberry Bleu Salad with Balsamic Pear Glaze

Spinach Blueberry Bleu Salad with Balsamic Pear Glaze

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