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"Every one of my SEASONING packets is an award-winning recipe that has been

in my family for generations!"

Award Winning Recipes

Every one of my recipe base packets is an award-winning recipe that has been in my family for generations. I come from a long line of gourmet cooks. And I love to pour my wine nightly and cook for a couple of hours. My Spitfire Gourmet packets represent a ‘go-to’ flavor that my mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, and even my great-great-grandmother relied on for many recipes. Now you can make healthy gourmet dinner like the old pros – just a lot EASIER.

I’ve been the “go to” for all my friends regarding all things cooking (and entertaining – another LOVE), so I’ve done my best to pass this passion on, by making gourmet EASY for everyone. 

Holly George, Founder & Owner, Spitfire Gourmet

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Will you pleeeease bring your salad? It’s the best.
My Friend, Debbie
Mom, will you make your fancy mac & cheese tonight?
My Son, Tommy


Use local meats & produce with pre-measured packets... ingredients found right in the spice aisle.


Choose a 1-paragraph recipe, shop the short list & tear open a color-coded packet... 30-45 mins from prep to your table.


No MSG & no bad stuff... kid-tested veggie-packed recipes that adults love, too.


Cook with gourmet recipes & 5-generation recipe packets... These blends have been in Holly’s family for a long time!

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I’ve been a true gourmet cook for years. I made your Kick & Creamy cheese sauce for a low-carb girlfriends dinner, with spiral zucchini, roasted chicken, tomato and olives. The sauce was perfect – didn’t need a thing. As much as I love to ‘put my signature on dishes’ there really was nothing I needed to add to make it better!
Christina L.
Hershey, PA
Love. Love. Love this stuff!!! I feel truly like a gourmet cook, and it takes very little effort or time.
Lori P.
Eau Claire, WI
My growing teenagers love the recipes, and my triathalon-crazy husband does too. That’s a tough crowd to please. Thanks, Holly!
Janet B.
Annville, PA


Most frequent questions and answers

Each packet makes a recipe serving 4. Feed a hungry family or have awesome leftovers! Each packet also has great recipes for single dishes, so you can use packets to make large main dishes and sides for entertaining many.

You certainly can make half-recipes! The remainder will keep in a cool dry place (like your spice cupboard). Spitfire Gourmet packets have No-MSG or any other bad stuff, and are made using spices found right in the spice aisle, so they stay fresh just like any natural spice blend.


Yes, it’s totally safe to pre-mix any Spitfire Gourmet packet with oil & vinegar, and keep it on your counter for up to two weeks! (Don’t refrigerate, as the oil will coagulate.) With ¼ cup each of EVOO & and any fun Vinegar: Mix “Awesome Toss” salad dressing, and use it to toss 2 -3 large salads; Mix “Swanky Flank” marinade (add ¼ c. water) for 4 chicken breasts one night and then 4 steaks the following week; Mix “Kick & Creamy” glaze for tossing with and roasting veggies and/or potatoes. 


Great idea! “Awesome Toss” is a sweet base + garlic, so will enhance most any green salad, improve a blah salad dressing, or jazz up slaws. Sprinkle it on any hearty fish before cooking or grilling, too. “Kick & Creamy” has a bouillon base and makes any creamy soup or sauce more flavorful. “Swanky Flank” is soy-based for meats and stir-fry. Both K&C and SF can add unique flavor to certain casseroles, depending on the recipes. As long as you remember the base flavor of each packet, the sky is the cooking limit! To make life even easier, email your favorite recipe, and we’ll consider converting it and adding it to our “Recipes” page!

We know you’ll love the Spitfire Gourmet Method and your packets as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just return your packets within 60 days and we’ll issue a full refund.

“I promise to make you a fast gourmet… buy a few local fresh ingredients, tear open a packet & follow an easy recipe. Spitfire, we got this!”

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